Tier 1 to Tier 3

Describe the scope of performed project activities: 

Assist the company in Migrating the company’s current Service Cloud “Tier 1” Environment to the new “Tier 3” environment. TMH assisted the company in the migration and configuration of their new “Tier 3” Service Cloud environment. This assistance coordinated with a Service Cloud hosting team and the company’s identified technical support team.  TMH identified the needed components and functionality that was associated with a “Tier 3” upgrade and validate the new environment is set-up correctly to meet the needs of the project.


TMH developed a knowledge base for the company utilizing individual OPA applications for a given set of permits/licenses.  The company defined the most frequently queried and/or most important permit and license requirements on which TMH focused initial development.

TMH branded the company Service Cloud Portal with the correct imagery as identified by the company’s team. This included the functional design elements and corresponding “look and feel” requirements. 


TMH trained the clients so they can manage, maintain and expand the OPA delivery set.  TMH provided a five (5) day formal training class which reviewed in detail the following subjects:


·       Understanding OPA concepts

·       Using OPM Authoring Environment

·       Understanding Rule Logic

·       Choosing and Configuring Attribute Test

·       Writing Rules in Word

·       Writing Rules in Excel

·       Testing Rules

·       Implementing Entities

·       Creating Public Names

·       Validating Input Data

·       Applying Development Methodology

·       Structuring the Rulebase


In addition to the training classes, TMH mentored the identified company personnel in the Rulebase design of the system that will be put in place and support the trainees on an on-going basis throughout the project.


TMH provided:

Testing plan for OPA Rulebase(s). 

Integration testing levels for strategy to perform and confirm acceptable levels of product delivery.

The company and TMH were responsible for conducting testing cycles, creating and executing test cases for the OPA rule engine deliverables.

The company was responsible for all UAT tests necessary to validate the designed set of rule within the knowledgebase are ready for production use.


Acceptance criteria:

Successful modeling of the provided Rulebase information sets within the overall knowledgebase.

Kaitlyn Brooks