Projects on Projects

Here is an overview of mine and my team’s responsibilities and achievements for the company we worked with.  Our team currently consists of two contractors (me included) and one State employee, and I serve as the team lead reporting to an Operations Manager.  This team has been in place since June of 2017, so just over 18 months.  When we started, the Enterprise Kronos system was used by 11 State agencies and approximately 20000 employees.  By the end of next month those numbers will be up to 21 State agencies and 26000 employees.  The State Enterprise system is Kronos Workforce Central 8.0.17 and utilizes the following modules: timekeeper, scheduler, accruals, activities, leave, mobile app, tablet app, Workforce Integration Manager (integrations between the Enterprise Kronos system and the State Enterprise PeopleSoft system), and Workforce Device Manager for approximately 250 timeclocks.


During the past 18 months, our team has been involved with the following projects: 

  1. Move the State’s Enterprise Kronos system from an on-premise environment solution to a Cloud environment solution within the Kronos Private Cloud.      

  2. Roll 10 additional agencies onto the Enterprise Kronos system.

  3. Integrated Kronos with the new State Employee web portal (ODX Portal).

  4. Upgrade the firmware on all State Kronos timeclocks (approximately 250).

  5. Complete two Application Service Release upgrades (one on-premise and one in the Kronos Cloud).

  6. Complete a code review of the Pay Data Export Interfaces (interfaces that export timecard data from Kronos to PeopleSoft), and reduced interface run times by 60 percent while greatly improving export file data accuracy via SQL queries and file comparisons.

  7. Switched / upgraded SFTP clients for file transfers between Kronos and PeopleSoft.

  8. Revamped the Kronos Accrual policies for greater balance accuracy between PeopleSoft and Kronos.

  9. Completed numerous Application configurations to meet State business requirements and union contract changes.

  10. Completed additional code reviews of interfaces and made improvement changes as needed.


All of this was achieved while also reducing our team resources by 25% half way through the 18 months, as we lost one full time team member.  We continue to receive positive feedback from DAS OAKS Operations, Human Resources Division, State Agencies, and the Navigator Project team for our management of the State’s Enterprise Kronos system and assistance with projects and State requests. 

Kaitlyn Brooks