Increase in Speed

Project Objectives: The company had been managing the CAVU regulatory software database since 2003 -- CAVU was an aging product with limited web accessibility. The company commissioned a replacement project eLicense Ohio to provide the functionality and capabilities meeting the needs of twenty-one boards encompassing approximately 1.1 million professional license holders or licensed businesses. 

Project Description: The State of Ohio selected the Salesforce platform for the eLicense Ohio implementation. In addition to Salesforce, the BasicGov package was selected as an enabling stack with additional built-in features. BasicGov is a solution partner with that provides a solution on the platform for citizen services and business registry. The solution includes business registration workflows, entity administration, payment processing integration as well as a comprehensive rules engine that greatly reduces the amount of customization required to meet the business requirements. Deloitte LLP was selected as the prime contractor. 


The solution was fielded in five phases over a period of approximately three years.  This was followed by a maintenance and operations phase that is ongoing since May of 2018.

Subcontractor’s Involvement: During implementation, TMH Solutions provided project management and business analysis staffing.  During maintenance and operations, TMH Solutions is providing one business analyst mainly providing Tier 2 support.

Project Benefits: Primary Benefits are increased speed of service and reduced administrative effort via:

·       Increased web-accessible self-service functionality for the license holders and the public.

·       Increased back office automation, most prominently when processing license renewals.

Kaitlyn Brooks